Ne’er-Do-Well, Coming 2018


Ne’er-do-well is the first of a series of books set in the Napoleonic period, the humorous tales of a rash libertine’s fate-bedevilled progress through the wars.

Jasper Barnthwaite has a passport to a comfortable life, but does not recognise the fact until his excesses have disinherited him. Driven away from his home, family and the woman he adores, he begins a tortuous passage through a hostile world, seeking the betterment which will allow him to return to his roots and the love of Frances.

Dogged at every step by poor decisions and worse luck, Jasper cannons erratically through the early years of the nineteenth century and through his jaundiced eye we see the splendour and the squalor of both war and society in that extraordinary time.


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Adjacent to the Argonauts book cover


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The Misadventures of an English Stowaway on the Aegean Sea