Julian Blatchley

Julian has spent almost forty years at sea. Raised largely at Windermere in the English Lake District, he sailed extensively as a boy. As an adult, he has sailed, and continues to sail, both professionally and for pleasure.

The holiday recounted in Adjacent to the Argonauts, caused him to fall in love with Greece. The story continues in The Trojan Walrus.┬áJulian has a particular interest in the Napoleonic period, and a life-long fascination with characters or events that have been popularly misrepresented in history. This has resulted in his third book, Ne’er-Do-Well, which is expected to be available September 2017.

Julian also loves drama, history and cooking. He returned late in life to his native Cumbria where he now lives with his partner Renate, their daughter Nerissa, and Muggins the dog.